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CoQ10 has been shown to have beneficial effects on... heart health, blood pressure, memory and brain functions, dementia, immune system, diabetes, anti-aging, energy levels and much more.

Did you know that CoQ10 can help keep your teeth and gums healthy too?

Studies have shown that applying CoQ10 to your gums can help fight off the harmful bacteria associated with gum disease.

Perfect Smile's complete line of CoQ10 Oral Care products - CoQ10 Fluoride Toothpaste, CoQ10 Fluoride-free Toothpaste, CoQ10 Mouthwash and CoQ10 Chewing Gum - can help you prevent gum disease. CoQ10 has even been shown to reverse the signs of gum disease!

Perfect Smile offers the only complete line of CoQ10 Oral Care products. Making Perfect Smile's CoQ10 Oral Care products part of your daily oral care routine will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

CoQ10 is fat soluble antioxidant that does not mix well with water (including saliva) and is therefore not easily absorbed by gum tissue. Perfect Smile's patented MicroActive CoQ10 Complex is specifically formulated to be water soluble and is more readibly absorbed by your gums when delivered in Perfect Smile CoQ10 Toothpaste, CoQ10 Mouthwash and CoQ10 Chewing Gum.

Regular CoQ10 MicroActive CoQ10
Regular CoQ10 is mostly washed away before it can be absorbed into the gums thereby limiting its effectiveness. MicroActive CoQ10 coats the gums so it is more easily absorbed and readily available to fight gum disease.